James Stephens

James P. Stephens graduated from the University of Buffalo with a BA in English Literature/Theatre and a Masters in Film.   He next served as the director’s assistant for Dito Montiel’s: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which went on to win best director at Sundance in 2006. After ‘Saints’, James worked in Locations on set, as a Manager, Scout, and Assistant on over 20 New York based productions, including Mad Men (The Pilot), The Sopranos, and the CBS drama The Good Wife.    


He was also a Co-Producer on Ambitious Media’s Working Dead, which will screen at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and has worked with the Ambitious Development team since 2012.  Most recently, he was hired by Producers from the academy award-winning team of Birdman to write an as yet Untitled WWII Biopic.


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