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We have a team of professional writers and script doctors that work to help bring your vision to the page. 


We offer services ranging from conception to budgeting to financing, as well as access to our in-house equipment rentals, and extensive talent network. Our team fully prepares all productions to run smoothly.

In-House Studio

With convenient locations in both New York City and Hollywood, we possess fully equipped production facilities suitable for all types of projects. 


Our large network of industry professionals around the world, we offer the highest quality production services while producing top-tier content with efficiency and results.


Our post-production facilities on both coasts feature state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, ensuring all finished products can exceed industry standards.

Digital Marketing


Our marketing team has the resources available for your project to go viral and reach your targeted audience. We can design your online platform to the highest standard and optimize it for conversion. Furthermore, we can help you distribute and sell your script, short-film, series or any project.


Ambitious has a large network of talent including actors, models, musicians, and other artists that you are able to use in your project. We can also digitally market your casting calls.

Talent Booking



Our design team can help bring your project to the next level with through creating logos and websites that will set your project apart. 

Ambitious is always happy to be a friend to your project so feel free to reach out for general questions and we'll try and throw down!
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